Keeping Your Natural Product Beautiful

Using a wire dog brush to brush a sheepskin

Care instructions for Sheepskins

Regular vigorous shaking of the product will help to maintain and restore the natural soft product appearance.

Rugs benefit from regular vacuuming on medium suction using standard nozzle attachment only. Do not use a beater bar vacuum or turn the bar off.

Machine Washing


Dry Cleaning

Caring for Cowhide Rugs

Care Instructions Cowhide

Genuine cowhide is very easy to look after.

It will keep its beauty with minimal care and occasional brushing with a soft bristled brush.

Reindeer Hide Care

Cowhide Care

Due to their size and storage your cowhide rug may arrive with you with creases or fold marks.  If placed on the floor these will normally drop out over time.  However it is possible to remove more stubborn folds quite easily by ironing.  Place a large towel on the floor and heat the iron to its lowest temperature.  Place a damp cloth (a tea towel is useful) over the creased area and move the iron as you would normally when ironing your clothes.  NEVER IRON DIRECTLY ONTO THE COWHIDE.  Continue over all folded or creased areas. When cooled replace in your chosen display area and enjoy!  Some cowhides will retain folded areas due to a stretching process in the tanning, this is normal and simply adds to the charm of your natural product.

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